Tikoy Cheese Sticks

One of our favorite things about Chinese New Year is being able to eat our favorite Tikoy with our loved ones. You've probably tried different flavors by now but have you ever tried fried Tikoy Cheese Sticks? Total Game Changer! The combination of different textures and flavors that all compliment one another. Try this simple recipe at home the next time you want to serve Tikoy! The best part is you can get your Tikoy for free just by ordering a minimum of P1,000 worth of groceries at HI FRED!


  1. 500 grams Nian Gao / Tikoy

  2. 165 grams Cheese

  3. 20-24 pieces Lumpia Wrapper

  4. Cooking Oil for deep frying

  5. Water for sealing


  1. Slice tikoy and cheese into sticks of equal sizes

  2. Separate lumpia wrapper into individual pieces.

  3. Lay a wrapper on a flat surface.

  4. Place the tikoy and cheese stick on the mid lower part of the wrapper.

  5. Fold the bottom edge of the wrapper over the nian gao and cheese then fold both sides of towards it. Roll the wrapper towards the top edge.

  6. Wet the top edge of the wrapper with water to seal the turon.

  7. Repeat wrapping procedures for the rest of the nian gao, cheese and wrapper.

  8. Heat a pan with oil in medium fire.

  9. Once oil is hot, deep fry turon until it turns golden brown.

  10. Drain for excess oil.

  11. Transfer to a plate, serve and enjoy.

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