What are Banana Blossoms / Puso ng Saging?

What are Banana Blossoms / Puso ng Saging?

Banana blossoms (known as puso ng saging in Tagalog) is exactly what its name suggests. They’re purple tear-shaped flowers that grow at the end of a banana fruit cluster, and are especially abundant in warm, tropical climates like in our home of Southeast Asia! Possessing a texture similar to that of flaky or shredded fish meat, puso ng saging can be a mindblowing plant-based alternative to your favorite seafood dish! 

While many recipes call for brined puso ng saging, the fresh variety is just as good and boasts ZERO soy, gluten, fat, and cholesterol content. Never prepared puso ng saging before? Don’t worry, we’ve prepared an easy guide to make this deceptively tedious process much less intimidating than it seems. Simply follow the steps down below to learn how to clean your puso ng saging for cooking and consumption. 

How to clean it

  1. Peel and remove the outer leaves.

  2. Peeling the outer leaves will reveal a cluster of florets. Simply pluck all the florets and set them aside. Repeat this process until you get to the yellowish part of the banana heart. 

  3. Discard all the leaves.

  4. Slice the banana heart into 4, 6, or as many pieces as you desire! Brine the chopped pieces in hot water, lemon, and salt then store in an airtight container overnight. 

And there you have it! A batch of homemade puso ng saging that’s good to go whenever you want. 

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